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V Chorvatsku přišli s návrhem na Beachhandball League pro střední Evropu.                                                                                                                          

Dear beach handball friends,

an idea has been born and we would like to know how do you all feel about having a BEACH HANDBALL LEAGUE of let's say 12 men's and 12 women's teams playing in tournaments for (we think) 4 weeks inbetween June and August (every 14 days a set of tournaments).

This is a letter which will give us idea if you all feel like it or not, and based on your answers we shall get in touch with EHF to see if we will be allowed to make it or not.

So, please, send us an e-mail message to our e-mail address written above and please, mention some other teams you know that would like to play in this league.

We were thinking of gathering 2 men's and 2 women's teams from each of mentioned Central European countries: AUSTRIA, CROATIA, CZECH REPUBLIC, SERBIA & MONTENEGRO, SLOVENIA and SLOVAKIA so that we don't have a huge travelling expenses.

Waiting for your answers,

President of WBHC "KONTESA NERA"
Zarko Jerneic
e-mail: wbhckontesanera@yahoo.com

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